Sheriff Office Requirements

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Sheriff Office Requirements

Post by Admin on Sat Sep 03, 2016 11:47 am

To whom it may concern,
Those who are looking into joining the Kelly's Island Sheriff Department will need the following requirements and go through the process following after if accepted. Special accommodations can be made for individuals based off of records and activity.

The requirements are as follows:
-18 Years of age. (16/17 can be accepted but will be held back from any leadership role until proven mature enough to handle such role)
-2 weeks time on server.
-NO Felony Charges in the Data base within a 2 week span. (Misdemeanor's can be accepted if not within 1 week span and none repetitive counts of the charge)
-Must have NO bans from RGG whether on teamspeak or in game.

Process of joining:
-File application
-Under go background checks
-Interview's (may be 1 or 2 based off of initial interview and available slots.
-Enrolled as a Probationary Deputy

As a Probationary Deputy you may be tasked to either D.O.C. At the Jail or as a Dispatcher.(can be both) You will hold this rank for 2 weeks while under going academy with a Field Training Officer. After completing Training with an FTO and passing ANY and ALL test you will be granted the Rank of Deputy and free to patrol. FTO's are permitted to take Probationary Deputy's on a ride along IF no one is needed for dispatch or D.O.C.
Ensure prior to filing an application you meet the requirements stated above. Thank you.
Smith, Daniel
Kelly's Island Sheriff Office

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